Math Daily 3

Number and Operations in Base Ten

Understanding Average


Here is an example of what this daily structure looks like in a lesson on using visual models to determine the average of a set of data.

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Roll Today's Number


Students will have fun practicing with the attributes of four-digit numbers with this Math by Myself activity. 

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Playing Card Addition


This math activity provides great practice in adding to sums of 10.

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Use Compatible Numbers to Estimate Quotients


This lesson, which matches a fifth-grade standard, would be of value to younger students performing above grade level, older students performing below grade level, and students in fifth grade. 

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Playing Card Addition Roll Today's Number Use Compatible Numbers to Estimate Quotients Understanding Average

The Math Daily is a method for structuring math time so students practice different ways of applying and learning math every day, fostering independent learning and success.

The Math Daily 3

Math by Myself

Math Writing

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