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Helping Students Shine Miscellaneous 0 763 3 years 3 months
Here is my go to video on the site! The Daily CAFE 11 3.1k 5 years 10 months
High School Reading Daily 5 1 1.4k 3 years 6 months
History and Powerful Picture Books Miscellaneous 1 1.3k 4 years 8 months
Holiday Gifts for Students Miscellaneous 0 831 3 years 5 months
Home reading books Miscellaneous 1 1.2k 4 years 10 months
Homework for Absent Students The Daily CAFE 1 211 8 months 4 weeks
Homework with Daily 5 Daily 5 4 1.8k 5 years 9 months
How can I delete an empty Group? CCPensieve 2 1.6k 5 years 6 months
How can I download all the brief focus lessons at one time rather than clicking on each one? I have paid for full access. Thx! CAFE 1 317 3 months 3 weeks
How can I fit multiple CAFE Boards in 1 Room? CAFE 2 1.6k 5 years 2 months
How do I access examples & charts referred to in the strategy assessment guides? The Daily CAFE 2 1k 4 years 8 months
How do I add Group Sessions to Calendar? CCPensieve 1 901 2 years 3 months
How do I best use an aide in D 5? Daily 5 2 1.5k 5 years 9 months
How do I limit Partner Work in Daily 5? Daily 5 2 921 3 years 9 months

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