Hi, I teach first grade and my partner and I are looking for ways to make our Word Work rounds better.  Currently, on their round of Word Work, our students have a couple fo choices:  They can use their ipads, chalkboards, or paper to practice writing their word walls words from the week, or they can use the fluency sheets from 95% Group to practice reading words/phrases/paragraphs (they can use their ipads to video their practice and then go back and listen to themselves) using our Phonics pattern of the week. We are looking for suggestions that would make their word work relevant to their everyday reading.  If we shorten their word work time up, we don't want them up and moving in the middle of a round to gather their materials to move to something else.  Thank you to anyone that can offer suggestions.






One piece you might add is word sorts--which can be based on your phonics patterns or a spelling pattern.  You might check out Words Their Way Sort Books, which come at several levels.  (They can be found on Amazon).  Once you teach the kids how to do a sort, they can be fairly independent, and there are a variety of sorts the kids can do with each group of words.  You can probably google WTW sorts, as well to get a look at the materials.  

Another source you might look over are the many books about Making Words.  It seems to me they require a bit more guidance, but after you get them going, they might work for you.  

I'm sure others have some great suggestions, as well!

Denise Binder

I don't see grade levels on the Words their way books. I teach 3rd grade. Any suggestions?


WTW doesn't go by grade level, but by spelling stages.  Most 3rd graders will probably land in the Transitional or Intermediate stages.  There is an assessment you give before you start to determine where your students will fall.  I found this link online to a slide show about WTW that shows the assessments and explained how to get started.  https://www.slideshare.net/evansjenb/memphis-words-their-way .  I think it's a good glimpse at how to use the sorts.  


Lisa Roth

Thank you so much!  I will look into the Words Their Way. 


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