I am new to the daily 5 and the CAFE, and I am really excited about trying this with my students!

I just have a few questions about the logistics, and would love input from others about how this has worked for you!

1) There are many references to "conferring" with students. What does this generally look like?

2) As the teacher, are you walking around and monitoring students during this time, or are you pulling small groups to work on strategies?

3) Are students required to do each of the Daily 5 at least once a week? I'm just figuring out how to hold students accountable for staying focused during Daily 5 time.

Lots of questions!! Thanks for any input you can provide!


4th Grade Teacher







Hi Rachel!

Welcome to Daily 5! It completely changed my life as a teacher (for the better) and I hope you find the same proves true for you! :) I will answer your questions and maybe some others will jump in with their responses as well! 

1. Conferring with students is time for us to hear them read and talk about their strengths and next steps in reading. We have many video examples on the website of what this looks like and we have a protocol we use for goal setting conferences. You may wish to search in the search engine for "individual conference" or "7 steps from assessment to instruction."

Here are a few video examples to get you started: Remote conferring with Griffin, 7 Steps from Assessment to Instruction, Jessica and Landrie Confer

2. Once Daily 5 is up and going we conference with students or meet with small groups. :)

3. Students make a choice each session of Daily 5. We ask them to choose at least one reading (Read to Self, Read to Someone, Listen to Reading) and one writing (Word Work, Work on Writing) each day. They do not have to choose all five in a given week. However, if you see a child that would benefit from a certain task and you know you want them to choose it three times that week, or every day, you simply tell them at the beginning of the week in the conference, i.e.  "Sarah, since you are working on learning and remembering your sight words, I want you to be sure to choose Word Work each day this week."  

Welcome to Daily 5! We hope you continue to dive into it and find the website provides you many resources to help! Be sure to use the discussion board to ask more questions as they come up! 


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