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Graduate Courses

Training Topics Offered: 

Daily 5 Framework,
Daily 5 in Kindergarten, and
CAFE Literacy System

Daily 5 Text to Teach,
CAFE Text to Teach, and
Math Daily 3

Daily 5 Framework,
CAFE Literacy System, and
Math Daily 3

Length of access:

30 Days 60 days

8 Weeks

What can I expect?

It's like an in-person workshop with the ability to pause and rewind the presenter! Each workshop includes 5 to 6 hours of direct instruction along with opportunities for reflection and discussion with other participants.


Text to Teach Seminars—A chapter by chapter walk through the Daily 5 or CAFE Book. Includes video explanation and highlights, video field trips, supporting articles, and next steps for real-world application.

Math Daily 3—A true online, self-paced training. Each seminar includes four instructional segments (20 to 30 minutes each) and supporting videos and articles. 

Facilitated learning with weekly discussions and graded coursework you can apply to your classroom practice right away. 

What do I need?

Access to a copy of The Daily 5 Book (Daily 5 or Daily 5 in Kindergarten) or The CAFE Book (CAFE).  Access to a copy of The Daily 5 Book (Daily 5 or Math Daily 3 Online Seminar) or The CAFE Book (CAFE Online Seminar).  Textbook requirements per syllabus. 
What do I get?
  • Digital guidebook
  • 90-day All-Access Plus Membership to both The Daily CAFE and
  • An opportunity to participate in Open Door Conversations with a member of our team!
  • Digital Guidebook
  • Access to a discussion board for communcation between participants.
  • Three graduate credits upon completion of coursework. 

Website Memberships

90-day All-Access Plus Membership to
The Daily CAFE + ConferringNotebook
Not included. Participant must purchase a minimum of a three Month All-Access membership to
Cost $199/workshop
View Pricing Details

View Pricing Details

through Upper Iowa University
When can I take it? View current availability Any time you want! All our seminars are on-demand.
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Each course offered several times/year. Check here for the next available start date. 


One graduate credit can be earned with one of the Daily 5 workshops and one for CAFE (Additional fee and work apply.) Find out more.

One graduate credit can be earned for Daily 5, CAFE, or Math Daily 3 seminars (Additional fee and work apply.)  Find out more.

Three Graduate Credits (included)

Graduate credits can be earned for the workshops or seminars but not both.


Currently these are the only professional development opportunities endorsed by The Daily CAFE.

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