Tip of the Week September 26, 2008


September 25, 2008

Managing Choice in Daily 5?

When you enter a classroom that uses the Daily 5? as its literacy system, you may see children "Reading to Self", "Reading to Someone", "Listening to Reading", "Working on Writing", and participating "Word Work." These are all happening simultaneously. You will notice that each child has a strong sense of purpose, pride and accomplishment. The order in which each child does these things can (and probably will) vary each day, according to how that child is feeling. However, helping each child manage these choices can be a challenge. This week's tip addresses the management of choice in the classroom, whether it be Daily 5? or another literacy system this form could be just what you are looking for.

Keeping Track of Daily 5 Choices (Word)

We are thrilled to announce the launching of our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on our site! As part of our Tip of the Week, we will be adding questions to the FAQs each and every week. As we build this new section on our site, we hope you will find it helpful seeing others questions and perhaps even some of your own answered!


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How do I begin with the Literacy CAFE? Menu in my classroom? This is a question we hear from many of you. There's a myriad of components to The CAFE? Menu: the notebook for keeping track of conferences, how to confer and keep conferences focused and effective, goal setting with children using the CAFE? Menu not to mention the CAFE? Menu along with all of its strategies! This week we are very excited to announce the launching of our series on The CAFE? Menu. In this weekly section we will be covering everything from exactly how we begin (today's article) to Ready Reference Guides for each and every strategy on our CAFE? Menu.

Beginning The Literacy CAFE Menu: Lesson 1 - Check for Understanding (PDF/Word)

Did your children use The CAFE? Menu in their classrooms last year? If so, listen in to this lesson which reviews the Literacy CAFE? Menu facilitated by Pam, a 6th grade teacher. Pam used The CAFE? Menu with most of these children last year as 5th graders and is starting off her year with this CAFE? Menu review lesson.

Whole Class Lesson with Students already familiar with the CAFE Menu (VIDEO)

Supporting children as they pick Good Fit Books is an ongoing event. Here is a download of the conversation we have with individuals as they choose their own Good Fit Books.

Supporting Individuals Choosing Good Fit Books

Looking for a Good Fit Book lesson to do with intermediate students (although we confess that we do this lesson with young students as well!)? Then this is an article for you. This lesson uses weightlifting as an analogy for picking books that are a good fit as well as a way to help create a culture of respect for every learner in the room. This page comes complete with bookmarks to support the lesson.

Using Weights to Teach About Good-Fit Books (PDF/Word)

Until next week!

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