Tip of the Week January 9, 2009


January 8, 2009

Happy New Year! We've Improved Our Site

We hope you all had a wonderful break and enjoyed time with family and friends. We had an unusual amount of snow in the Seattle area which provided us with a few extra days off. It was the first white Christmas we have had in many, many years. There is something really magical and wonderful about a snow day - when we are forced to stop, stay home, and relish the luxury of sitting with cocoa in front of a fire while curled up with a good read!

We had a delightful break - some of our time was spent with family, eating yummy food, playing games, reading great books and thoroughly enjoying slowing down and spending time together. We also spent time looking at your e-mail suggestions for how to better organize our website and are pleased to unveil the changes this week.

Many of you have asked for an easier way to access all the articles and videos within the website. So we have reorganized the Daily 5? section, located on the right side of the home page, so that each of the Daily 5?: Read to Self, Work on Writing, Read to Someone, Word Work and Listen to Reading, have their own link and all videos and articles related to these areas can be found by clicking on them. Each week as we add new pieces to our site, we will continue to build this section.

We'll unveil improvements to the organization of the CAFE? Section of our site next week!

We are excited to begin 2009 with you! Here's to rooms full of children who challenge us, inspire us, and love us, and to the hundreds of you who endeavor to meet their needs everyday!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you help students remember conferring appointments?

The goal of all our conferences is to support students in their learning. We also want them to be actively engaged in their learning process. Setting appointments with students is one way to engage them and hold them accountable. By keeping track of these appointments in our pensieve, we are held accountable as well.

Stephanie Bartell wrote from Chicago this week and explained their school's adaptation of making appointments with students.

FAQ - How do you help students remember conferring appointments?

Funniest Books for Children

How about starting the year off with a funny book that simply makes you laugh? These are exactly the type that The Roald Dahl Funny Prize honors! See if one of your favorites made the list.


Calendar Templates

The calendar in our Pensieve, or conferring notebook, is a vital part of our daily planning and instruction. We find we love it even more when it is attractive! If you are interested in making your own, check out the following link! Enjoy!

FAQ - Can you tell me where you get the cute calendars you use in your Pensieve?

New this week for members

Interested in becoming a member of The Daily CAFE? ? Click here for more information.

Classroom Design - Places to Work and Learn

Years ago when we began to look differently at our classroom seating options the changes were driven by large class sizes, small rooms and the frustration of having desks for each child, when sitting at a desk is not the best place for all students to be independent and successful.

Design - What seating options are there for art, science and math? (SLIDESHOW)

Reviewing Daily 5? Procedures

Getting a new student at a moments notice can be a little frustrating and frazzling for a teacher...but, can you imagine being a new student? Some of you experienced the anxiety and apprehension that goes with being "the new kid".

One of the first things we do to help a new student acclimate is teach them the routines of the classroom. Daily 5? is one of the most deeply ingrained of our day. In this video, Joan and Carrie review Work on Writing. Listen in as they take the opportunity to simultaneously review for the class and teach the new student.

Reviewing Daily 5? when a New Student Arrives (VIDEO)

Working with Onsets and Rimes

This fast paced lesson touches on five different activities used to teach, practice and learn phonemic awareness and phonics. Joan works with five beginning readers as they practice pulling words apart, pushing them together, saying onsets and rimes along with rhyming words and saying them fast. We use these same strategies with beginning readers, regardless of age.

At the end of this lesson Joan has each child check in with their Daily 5? choice.

CAFE? - Accuracy - Small Group Phonemic Awareness and Rhymes (VIDEO)

Until next week!

Professional Development

Opportunities to learn more abound! Whether you want to collaborate with us in-person or prefer pd in your pjs, we have the instruction for you.

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