Tip of the Week December 5, 2008


December 4, 2008

Vocabulary Development with Comprehension Instruction - Expert Advise

What does an expert have to say regarding vocabulary and comprehension instruction? This video snippet from Reading Rockets will give you a glimpse. In this video, Isabel Beck talks about her three tiered approach to vocabulary. Her system really helps us decide which words are worthy of our time and effort to teach, as well as determine which words will have the greatest impact on student learning.

Vocabulary with Isabel Beck (Website)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are your CAFE? strategy labels preprinted for us to post?

While pre-made materials may be convenient, and cute or professional (depending on the grade level we teach), they are contrary to our deeply rooted belief system that has developed from years of experience in our classrooms.

FAQ - Are your CAFE strategy labels preprinted for us to post?

Keep The Children Reading

Are you looking for something inspiring to include in your monthly newsletter before the holiday break? Are you wishing you could impart an urgency in your kids, so they won't abandon reading during their time off? Would you like to help parents with creative ideas to keep the literacy lamp burning? This link from education.com suggests six easy ways parents and guardians can "sneak" reading into daily activities during the holidays.

Keep The Children Reading (ARTICLE)

Great Gifts for Your Kids - at your home or in your classroom!

Have you been so focused on assessments, instruction, planning, etc. that you didn't notice the holidays sneaking up on you? Are you starting to panic about buying, wrapping and baking? We'd love to help, and you will love this link to The Parent's Choice Awards site. Here's a favorite tip from Gail (don't tell her kids!).

Parent Choice Awards (Website)

Site Licenses

We'd also like to take this opportunity to extend a warm welcome to our newest site license members from: Columbia, Tennessee; Ithaca, New York, Maple Grove, Minnesota; Ellensburg, Washington; Oak Creek, Wisconsin; Omaha, Nebraska; San Antonio, Texas; Haltom City, Texas; Moorhead, Minnesota.

Information on Site Licenses is available at this link:

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Fluency: Read Appropriate Level Text, Ready Reference Guide

Fluency has been kind of a buzz word in recent years. Years ago, the term fluency was used in conjunction with reading aloud. Perhaps the most critical component for gaining excellent fluency is reading appropriate level text as nothing destroys fluency faster than a text that isn't easily accessible to students. This Ready Reference Guide outlines the strategy for teaching choosing appropriate level text. We have also linked supporting pages for easy reference.

Ready Reference Guide?Read Text That Is a Good Fit

Fluency, Adjusting Reading Rate with a small group

"Here is the passage. Now when I say go, read this as fast as you can." This is what fluency meant to us when we began teaching. It was all about speed, even though as early as 1908, Huey reported that fluency was reading aloud with accuracy, appropriate speed, expression and comprehension. In this video Christie introduces the fluency strategy Adjust Reading Rate to a small group of 4th graders. She emphasizes the importance of the strategy in helping to boost comprehension as well as fluency.

Fluency- Adjust Reading Rate (VIDEO)

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