Tip of the Week August 1, 2008


July 31, 2008

Library Makeover, Third in a Three Part Series

The past two weeks Tip of the Week addressed Classroom Libraries, a Fresh Way to Organize. This week is our third and final component to this series.

A big part of setting up a class library which allows for children to find books they love and are able to return to their appropriate place means book tubs must be clearly labeled. Some teachers have students create the labels for tubs, others create the labels on their computer. Either way works.

We wrap up our Library series this week with copies of labels for tubs, from our friend Lori, ready to run off if you choose.

Design - Library Makeover, Part III of III (DOWNLOAD)


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Continuing from last week, here is the second video in the series featuring Daniel, a talented young kindergarten teacher. Listen in as Daniel and Joan talk about one of his young ELL learners. We love this video clip because it is a perfect example of a teacher really knowing and understanding more than their confidence level will let them believe.

Courageous Conferring (VIDEO)

One question we are repeatedly asked is, "What is the best way to manage our classroom supplies?" There are multiple "best" ways to organize, display and make student supplies accessible. Joan and her students love the sense of community that comes from sharing supplies. She'll give you a quick peek at what that looks like in her classroom via the video below.

Design - Classroom Supplies-A Simple Idea (VIDEO)

We have spent the last 2 1/2 weeks writing a new book about our Literacy CAFE? Menu. As we worked to put the CAFE? strategy lessons in writing, we were constantly confronted with the difficulty of focusing on a strategy in isolation. Proficient readers weave strategies together, often without conscious awareness of all they are doing to make meaning of print.

In this video, Gail teaches and models the use of two strategies while reading. These students have been taught Does This Make Sense and Asking Questions on separate occasions. Today is the first lesson in which they are been put together.

Comprehension-Teaching Multiple Strategies in a Single Lesson (VIDEO)

Until next week! Warmly, Gail and Joan

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