Is There a Math CAFE Menu in the Works?


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We appreciate hearing about the level of excitement, enthusiasm, and student success around our CAFE Menu. It brings us joy to learn about the growth your students are showing in literacy when Daily 5 and CAFE are combined.  Given this level of success, many of you often ask if we are planning to develop a Math Menu, similar to our Literacy CAFE Menu.

The Math Daily 3 structure consists of three elements:

  • three tasks (Math by Myself, Math with Someone, Math Writing),
  • a system to teach students to build stamina and be independent while doing the tasks, and
  • a framework for math time allowing for three short bursts of instruction. The structure also provides the time for students to participate in three independent practice times, and time for teachers to meet with individuals and small groups.

One of the strengths of Math Daily 3 is that its structure can accommodate any math program at any level. Once the students are taught how to participate in the Math Daily 3 tasks independently, a math program and its lessons will fit into the structure, which will provide ample time to support students individually and in small groups.

So what about a Math CAFE Menu? Currently, we use our math programs to guide concepts we teach. Given the variety of math concepts needing to be taught at every level, creating an overall menu similar to our Literacy CAFE Menu would be replicating the huge resource of a program. That said, we are always researching, learning, and developing more pieces to support our work with children. This includes items to help children be strategic in math as well as in literacy. The chances are likely that we will develop visual aids to support our students' math development. When these new aids are developed and tested, we will let you know first by putting them on our website. 

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