Tackling Barometer Behaviors with Flexible Seating


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A hard plastic chair is probably the last place that you and I, as adults, are going to choose to sit while we read our favorite book. So why do we think that is going to be okay for students? Choice is important, not only in what students read, but also in where they sit while they do it. We’ve recently been seeing more research about the value of flexible seating for students. Allowing students some choice about where they sit while they read can be especially powerful. In fact, for students with barometer behaviors, seating choice can be the ticket to success.

Students who exhibit barometer behaviors can often benefit from repetitive movement that involves their core muscles. You might think they are not getting anything done as they move, wiggle, and shake, but this movement often helps them concentrate. By talking with them about being accountable, you can set expectations and get the most out of your “movers and shakers”!

Here are my five favorite flexible seating styles:

1. Ball Chair








2 . Camp/Lounge Chair








3. Gamer Chair








4. Padded Crate








5. Rocking Chair or Folding Rocking Chair




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