Selecting a Strategy for Student Goals


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After identifying the goal of comprehension, accuracy, fluency, or expanding vocabulary for our students, we sometimes wondered which strategy would be just right for them. We've since come to realize that we just need to dive in. Since we meet with the students frequently in small groups and during one-on-one conferring, we can always monitor and adjust. We'll be interacting with them as they work and think, watching how they are using the strategy we selected. As we get to know our children, it becomes much easier to determine where to go next without second guessing ourselves. So...just do it. Just dive in.

If you do need a little help, we have attached a document that you can reference to give you a few ideas of what strategies to address if a student exhibits a certain behavior during an assessment. This sample Needs and Strategy form can also be found in our book, The Daily CAFE.

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