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I made these personal word walls for my first and second graders so their high-frequency words would be easily accessible and visible during writing workshop and when they choose Work on Writing during Daily 5. Making these writing tools was easy, rquiring only a glue stick and a file folder.

Students keep their personal word walls in their book boxes and simply open the folder and set it up in front of them when needed. It is a simple thing that has helped with spelling and provides a bit of a privacy barrier for those who want it. 

The words in bold are our "no-excuse" words.  These words have to be spelled correctly, no excuses.  

I left these as a Word document so you can revise them to meet your needs.  Include your grade level's no-excuse words or important content words. One addition I like to make is to add the names of classmates.  Young students often write about their friends, so having the names in front of them is helpful.  

Word Wall, Left

Word Wall, Right


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