Learning to Work with Math Binders


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These students are learning about math binders, where their game boards and directions are stored for easy access. Jessica Hellberg supplies a binder for each student. As games are taught, the directions and game boards that can be practiced during Math Daily 3 are added.

What to watch and listen for:

  • Jessica starts by reviewing Math by Myself behaviors. Why do you think she starts with that? Would you start with a review of task behaviors?
  • Notice the three directions she gives and reinforces:
    • Get your toolbox.
    • Get your binder.
    • Go to a spot and begin.


  • Students checked in with Math by Myself. Starting each round of Math Daily 3 with a check-in helps students focus on what they will be doing. It also lays the groundwork for choice. Do you start with check-in? Why or why not?
  • Jessica directed students to watch as the first student followed the directions. Think about when you might have students watch another student as he or she models correctly.
  • During check-in, Jessica found the name of the student who checked in first on the previous day and started with the next child in line. Why and when might you use this strategy for checking in?

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