Instilling Stamina


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Listen and watch the children begin to understand how stamina relates to reading. We believe teaching the students the word stamina will help them stick with reading, even when it is hard. Joan tells them honestly that some days it will be harder than others to stick with their reading. They will be faced with the opportunity to push through that feeling and stick with it, knowing the best way to become a better reader is to read.

Many times we chart the minutes of stamina the class attains after each practice. This motivates and encourages students to build their stamina and lets them know we are supporting them, encouraging them and this is of utmost importance to our whole class.

This session continues with building the teacher side of the I-chart. Adding what the teacher is doing to the chart gives us the opportunity to make sure all students know we will be doing our job, which is to support them in their reading acquisition.

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