Helping Kids Love Numbers Transfers to Real-Life Math Success


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Think about this: We encourage our children and their parents to read each night. We read aloud to kids each day. Both of these activities foster a love of words and reading. Yet have we ever thought about the power of similar activities involving numbers and math?

As with reading, the more children are exposed to numbers and math concepts in an enjoyable and nonthreatening way, the more they will build their background knowledge and number sense, and associate math with fun.

Enter the wonderful nonprofit foundation Bedtime Math. Their website and app are resources of activities, games, and after-school programs, and even stories for parents to read at bedtime, dinnertime, or anytime. Specified sections are available for families, libraries, educators, and volunteers. 

I love the fact that part of the mission of this non-profit is . . . to help kids love numbers so they can handle the math in real life.

Do yourself, your students, and their families a favor, and check out this wonderful resource. 

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