Goldilocks and Good-Fit Books


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Teachers, here is a story about the I-PICK method of choosing books developed by Gail Boushey and Joan Moser (2014) that you can share with your very young readers. You can prepare some books to use as props, along with an I-PICK poster. You can also create or use some flannel-board characters to tell the story.          

Once upon a time, a little girl named Goldilocks wandered through the forest. She saw a little log house. On the door was the name “The Bear Family,” along with a note that said “At the library. Back soon!” Goldilocks was very tired, so she pushed open the door and sat down in a comfy chair.

Next to the chair was a bookshelf with three books. “I love to read,” Goldilocks said to herself, so she took the first book off the shelf. The title was Beehives. Inside the book cover, she read “This book belongs to Mama Bear.” It had a bookmark that said “I PICK” on it. Goldilocks knew that I PICK helps readers choose good-fit books. In I PICK, the I stands for “I Look at a Book,” the P stands for “Purpose,” the I stands for “Interesting,” the C stands for “Comprehension,” and the K stands for “Know most of the Words.” (Display your poster.) Goldilocks looked at the book and said, “Okay, maybe I would like this book about beehives; I think hives are interesting. I’ll read a page.” But many of the words were too hard for her, and she did not understand what she was reading. Goldilocks shook her curls and said, “Oh, no! This page is too hard for me. I do not know the words. Mama Bear’s book is not a good fit for me.”

So, Goldilocks took another book off the shelf. It was a recipe book called 101 Things to Make with Honey. Inside the cover, she read, “This book belongs to Papa Bear.”

Goldilocks said, “I am not interested in cooking, and I don’t have a purpose for reading this book. I can read all the words, and I understand what the book says. But this is not a good-fit book for me.”

Next, Goldilocks saw a book about bumblebees. It was a nonfiction book called All About Bumblebees. The words “This book belongs to Baby Bear” were written inside the cover. Goldilocks said, “I like bumblebees. I want to learn more about them. I can understand what I am reading. I know the words. Hurray! This book is just right! I will ask Baby Bear if I can borrow it.”

Suddenly, the door opened. The Bear Family had arrived. Each one carried an armful of books.

Mama Bear said, “Our friend Goldilocks is here! We’re back from the library! I got some books that are a good fit for me!”

“Baby Bear found some good-fit books, too,” Papa Bear said. “So did I!”

“Guess what? I found a good-fit book right here in your house!” Goldilocks cried. “May I read your book about bumblebees, Baby Bear?”

“Sure!” Baby Bear answered.

Papa Bear said, “I cannot wait. Let’s all read!”

“I’ll get some milk and the honey cookies that Papa made. They are yummy!” Mama Bear said.

Then they gathered around the fireplace and read their books. The Bear Family, along with Goldilocks, each munched on a delicious honey cookie and smiled.

They read happily ever after.



Boushey, G., & Moser, J. (2014). The daily 5 (second edition). Portland, ME: Stenhouse.


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