Daily 5 and CAFE In-House Training—One Coach’s Plan


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Molly Miller has 18 years of education experience in Illinois. She has worked as a middle school special education teacher and instructional coach/specialist and loves coaching her staff on Daily 5 and CAFE. Here is what she had to say before sharing her plans with you.

Luckily, I spent my first year as a coach co-coaching with a seasoned elementary coach. She provided ongoing supplemental professional learning for staff new to Daily 5 throughout the year (this was their second year of Daily 5/CAFE implementation). I was able to help her design and lead professional learning. I provide a Daily 5/CAFE introduction for new teachers to help them successfully launch Daily 5 on day one. Then throughout the school year, I provide ongoing professional learning opportunities. I think it’s important to note that we have taken all of our teachers (some more than once) to live workshop training with The 2 Sisters in the Chicago area every April/May. This is an important piece of our professional learning. Teachers get to hear directly from Gail and Allison, which is important because there is something extremely powerful about listening and learning at the live conferences. Attending the conference has been a bonding opportunity that allows us to spend time learning and collaborating about Daily 5 and CAFE without other school distractions.


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