Daily 5 Anchor Charts


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We tend to follow a pattern when we introduce the Daily 5 components and the I-Charts do end up with very similar behavior expectations. It might be tempting to create them ahead of time and laminate them so they could be used year after year, but we resist the urge. If students don't participate in the creation and refinement of the charts, the sense of ownership becomes that of the teacher, rather than the students. Even worse, students may not internalize any of the behaviors at all.

For that reason we created Briefs (see links below) for each of the Daily 5 to help us remember the "must have" information for our anchor charts. These help ensure that nothing important will be forgotten so we don't feel the need to publish ahead. Writing the I-charts with our children makes sure students will be practicing behaviors that will ensure success.

Joan's I-Charts for each of the Daily 5 are eventually rewritten neatly, in essence published in front of the students, then hung in the classroom to refer to on bumpy behavior days and when new students join the class. 

Read to Self Brief

Work on Writing Brief

Read to Someone Brief

Word Work Brief

Listen to Reading Brief

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