Conferring with Devlin, a Beginning Reader


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Have you ever been faced with a beginning reader and wondered what to do?  In this video, Daniel and Joan take a look at an emergent reader who has made Daniel wonder that very thing. Devlin is a very bright boy with an amazing vocabulary. He easily acquired letter recognition, letter-sound correspondence and knows many sight words. However, Devlin seems to have stalled in his progress. 

Listen in as Joan talks with Daniel about where Devlin is now and some ideas for moving him forward. You will see her recording their thinking about Devlin's strengths and goals on the Reading Conferring Form in Daniel's conferring notebook.



In this second video, Devlin shows Daniel and Joan that he knows all of his letters and most of his sounds, along with a number of the beginning sight words. Joan models reviewing the phonemic awareness strategies of segment onset and rime and then moves into the review of blending the cvc words to build off of what Devlin knows.

By the end of the conference, the instructional direction Devlin needed became clear and was recorded onto the Reading Conferring Form.


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