Checking In With Kindergarteners–A Three Video Series


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This series of three videos shows how Joan manages Daily 5 Check-ins with her kindergarten class. Each video session reveals how very young students are able to make their Daily 5 choice.  Joan expertly narrows the focus for student choices based on her student assessment data.

(1 of 3) During this first round of Daily 5, Joan establishes a class goal of working independently. Four to five students are selected to work with Joan in a book club. The remaining students make a Daily 5 choice. She keeps an eye on the number of students in each choice area when partners are needed. Watch for Word Work students with goals for Heart Words and Accuracy goals for Read to Self students.


(2 of 3) This video clip also presents Joan's kindergarten class during their Daily 5 check-in.  Joan successfully offers a time expectation to maintain momentum during check-in.  Writing topics are discussed for Work on Writing students and Writing Targets are clarified as well, so that assessment goals are accomplished.


(3 of 3) This check-in runs smoothly and quickly. Joan uses this check-in as a time to review two important Daily 5 procedures: Stay in one spot, and Read the whole time.

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