Checking In with "How Did You Feel?"


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We were delighted to be with Jessica when she was in Hollie's classroom modeling the launch of Math Daily 3. Even though Hollie's students are experienced and highly successful in Daily 5, Jessica took the class through all 10 Steps of Independence with the focus on Math by Myself.

After practicing, Jessica reviewed the newly created I-chart, asking children to check in by holding up one, two, three, or four fingers as a reflection of how they did. She asked, "How did it feel to participate in Math by Myself, and how did you feel about your behavior?"

The simple question was worded in such a way that the kinesthetic students in the room actually stopped moving. We could see them thinking about how it felt. When we ask about students' feelings, in particular with regard to behavior, it can access a different part of their brains, tapping into a sometimes-unused resource for reflection. 

Next time you are launching any of The Daily 5 or Math Daily 3, talking to a student about their behavior, or even discussing classroom procedures, give it a try and ask, "How does it make you feel?"

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