Checking In with 1–2–3–4 After Each Round of Daily 5


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Checking in and goal setting with the behaviors of Daily 5 helps students learn to reflect on their progress toward being independent. In this video, students check in and think about their behaviors, and use a thumbs-up when they feel they displayed the desired behavior the whole time. A thumb to the side indicates they believe they could do better and are setting a goal for next time.

When beginning Daily 5, we do this check-in process at the end of each round.  Once the year is under way and stamina is built, we do the check-in process once or twice a week or on days when students need a reminder, in particular after breaks or during high excitement times of the year.

A refinement we saw in Carlene Bickford's class in Maine was the use of a scaled 1, 2, 3, or 4 approach. On the scale, 1 is below standard, 2 is approaching standard, 3 is meeting standard, and 4 is exceeding standard. Since this video was taped, we've adopted this more explicit way of checking in and goal setting after rounds of Daily 5. We may start with a thumb up and thumb to the side with our youngest learners, but when students are ready for the refinement, we teach them the 1–2–3–4. Thank you, Carlene, for sharing with all of us.



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