Building Reading Stamina in Kindergarten


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Danielle French from Waterville, Maine reflects with her Kindergarteners on their previous reading stamina. Since their one-minute record wasn't going to help them reach their goal to be good readers, and since Danielle noticed that many of them had trouble getting started, she shares a strategy that will alleviate wasted time deciding what to read. While the lesson is thoughtful and effective, we have to admit, our favorite parts is when the kids respond to, "Visiting an old book is like visiting an old _____"  . . . well, you just have to hear it for yourself. 




A minute of stamina one day and ten minutes the next. The amazing improvement was directly related to the focus lesson which prompted students to get started right away.


Danielle charts the stamina, providing visual validation of the growth. Students are encouraged to continue building stamina if they feel able, and those who know they've given all they can for the day begin to work on writing. It is exciting to see children as young as kindergarten being reflective about their behavior and taking responsibility for their own choices and learning.





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