Behavior Goal–Read the Whole Time


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While we typically do troubleshooting during the launching phase of a Daily 5, it may be necessary to pull some problem solving strategies out later in the year for students who lose focus and stamina. This is the case with Trevor, who had more control earlier in the year than he is currently demonstrating.

A perfect place to address individual behavior issues is through a conference. Janet meets with Trevor in this video and sets a behavior goal of Read the Whole Time. She adds this to her pensieve, providing documentation which adds a new level of accountability to Trevor, reminding him of sense of urgency that propels students to be independent and strive toward their goals. Janet also introduced a tool to for support, a timer. She reviewed the purpose of the timer and then had Trevor practice reading with the timer, without her, while she wrote in her pensieve. For more information on Troubleshooting, check out the related article below. 


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