A Beginning ELL Reader Sets a Goal of Reading Sight Words


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Gail and Cindy are working together with third graders that Cindy had last year as second graders. Today they are meeting with Moses, an ELL student who arrived in the country last year. Being a beginning reader with English text, Moses worked on vocabulary and beginning and ending sounds while reading good fit books. He grew 1.5 years in his reading last year and is ready to set a new goal.

Gail and Cindy ask Moses to read to them and ask him to tell them about himself as a reader. They were expecting lively dialogue, but the usually chatty Moses got camera shy. After Moses leaves the conference, Cindy and Gail debrief the lesson and plan for next steps. Since Moses will be working on Fluency - practice common sight words and high-frequency words they discuss utilization of the book room, where they'll not only find good fit books for Moses, but the first 200 basic sight words already run off and filed for easy access.

We can't help but wish we could add the following sentence to this video; "Moses, tell us about what you just read." Adding that comprehension piece is an important part to any conference. Sometimes when we are in a conference it isn't until afterwards, when we reflect that we can see areas for ourselves to improve. Adding video for our own reflection keeps us learning and growing as teachers.



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