Professional Development Comparison


Workshops Workshops

Seminars Seminars

Online Graduate Course Graduate Course





Instruction From

Gail Boushey and Allison Behne

Allison Behne

Allison Behne


1 full day

4 weeks

8 weeks


Each workshop day is specific to Daily 5 or CAFE

Each seminar is specific to Daily 5 or CAFE

Courses include instruction in Daily 5 and CAFE or Math Daily 3


Optional 1 graduate credit per day (extra credit and fee apply)

Optional 1 graduate credit per seminar (extra credit and fee apply)

3 graduate credits (included)

Training Size

Varies depending on location

70 maximum/ seminar

20 maximum/ course


$255/ day (if paid with credit card) $295 (if paid with purchase order or check)

$149/seminar (credit cards only)


Daily CAFE

One month membership to AND

3 month membership to included

Participant must purchase minimum of 3 month subscription to

How Do I Register?

Register Here

Register Here

Register Here


Currently these are the only professional development opportunities endorsed by The 2 Sisters.

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