It's All About Attitude

By Carol Moehrle


You choose it

You carry it

You show it

You can change it and manage it

Attitude: It's all about you!

Do you ever start your day in a good mood, and then someone or something comes along and influences you in a negative way? All of a sudden you have a bad attitude toward everything and your day turns negative? If so, you have just given someone or something your power. Did you know that you are in sole control of your attitude?

As with a smile and positive attitude, a bad attitude shows all over you; in your face, body language and words. No one can change your attitude except you. Don't give up your power to others. You can choose to deal with negative input in a way that will keep it from influencing your positive attitude.

Next time someone or something threatens to ruin your attitude, try these 3 easy steps:

  • Take a deep breath in and slowly let it out
  • Imagine being lifted up as you stand a little taller
  • Smile and truly mean it

These steps will help you purposefully take control to return to a positive state of mind. Remember, only you control your own attitude.



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