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This site allows you to search for articles, videos, book reviews, lesson plans, and parent resources to meet your specific needs, as well as some things we hope will simply feed your heart. Bookmark favorite pages and create your own files to keep your learning organized and easy to find. This website is also a wonderful professional development opportunity for all things Daily 5, CAFE, Math Daily 3, Classroom Design and more. There are over 2000 pages of articles, videos,  lesson plans, downloads, etc. and it grows every single week. One way to start your learning is to hover over the colored bands at the top of the page. which will expand allowing you to see the wide selection of subjects that support each major topic. 

Looking to get Daily 5 and CAFE up and running in your classroom? Check out the Quick Start Guides. Start with Read to Self and work your way through the others. Reviewing these Quick Start Guides will help you feel confident as you launch Daily 5 and CAFE  in your own room.

We also have a wonderful Search Tool that allows you to look for content by topic, author and article type.  And of course, remember to bookmark your favorite pages and organize them into your own files. Once logged in, you can find your files and favorited pages under the My Account page in the top, right hand corner of the site.

Looking for information to guide your reading of The Daily 5 or The CAFE Book?  You can find  The CAFE Book Study Guide or The Daily 5 Book Study Guide right here.

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