CAFE Menu Board Headings

We have received an overwhelming number of requests from members to make the Literacy CAFE headings we use on the bulletin board in our classroom available by download, so here they are! Each heading is included below for you to print.

This is the only component of our CAFE Menu bulletin board that is teacher-made. All of the strategy cards are created by students. Initially, we created the strategy cards on our computer, complete with beautiful fonts and clip-art, but now we don't. It's true that the person who does the most work does the most learning, and we learned a lot when we created all the cards. We discovered that the beautiful cards we created were virtually invisible to our students. They never referred to the cards when we created them.

Now, the words are in their handwriting and they enjoy looking at the pictures their classmates created to illustrate the strategies. We firmly believe that if you let students write and illustrate the cards, which we typically have them copy from a sticky note so the spelling can be correct, the learning is far more likely to stick!

Below are the links to four different CAFE Menu headings.  Comic Sans font in large and small signs and Papyrus font in large and small signs 

View Small Comic Sans

View Large Comic Sans

View Small Papyrus

View Large Papyrus

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