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The Pensieve

The Pensieve

The conferring notebook, which we refer to as our Pensieve, is an integral part of our daily work with children. Data collected during diagnostic assessments is easily transferred to the simple forms in the Pensieve. These forms, as well as the conferring sheet, calendar and guided group plans, keep our teaching time organized, focused and intentional. Whether small group instruction, or one on one conferring, we know who we need to meet with and for what, so no one slips through the cracks. The forms make it easy for our students to be participants in their goal setting and progress monitoring. Though it isn't crucial to function, we always purchase a beautiful notebook that we'll love to carry around and that will be easy to spot in one of the many places we'll lay it down.

Pensieve Forms (Download) Here are the forms we use in our pensieve, all in one place.

Recording Assessment Data (DOWNLOAD)
Three or four times a year, we monitor progress in order to celebrate growth and adjust instruction. This form makes it easy to keep track of. . . . More...
Supporting a Colleague Learning to Confer (VIDEO)
Gail and Cindy, a 3rd grade teacher, work together . . . More...
Learning How to Record Goals and Strategies in the Pensieve (VIDEO)
Revised 1/2014 . . . More...
A Conferring Notebook Tour (VIDEO)
Updated and revised 11/13 . . . More...
Expanding Vocabulary While Using a High Level of Accountability with an ELL Student (VIDEO)
Working with individuals to develop their vocabulary has been an ongoing and necessary practice, but has taken on a new urgency with the increasing number of students who are just beginning to acquire English. In this video, Christie works with a fourth grade student. She approaches the one-on-one conference with the usual focus on comprehension, and takes time to model a variety of vocabulary development processes and strategies that will help him reach his goal of increasing vocabulary. . . . More...
Personal Conferring Form for Students (DOWNLOAD)
Updated and revised 11/13 . . . More...
CAFE™ - Conferring Cheat Sheet (DOWNLOAD)
Kristina Wootan took two of our forms and combined . . . More...
FAQ - What do you do with conferring sheets when they are filled?
Conferring forms hold such valuable information, b . . . More...
CAFE™ - Assessment Notebook
"The Mother of All Notebooks" was the term Joan's . . . More...
FAQ - I'm so excited for the start of the year with a conferring notebook. I'm just worried about following through all year long. Do you have any tips to help me stick with it?
This question reminds us a bit of losing weight -- . . . More...
FAQ - Do you have a creative idea for making a Pensieve cover?
Summer is a great time of year to shop for the per . . . More...
CAFE™ - Managing Conferring Forms with 'In Class' Support Teachers (ARTICLE)
Last week's FAQ was all about co-teaching with a p . . . More...
CAFE™ - Regarding Reading Levels (Download)
We have several reasons for determining a child's . . . More...
CAFE™ - Recording Goals in the Pensieve (VIDEO)
Are you wondering how we use the forms and what ki . . . More...
CAFE™ Introducing Small Groups to Guide Readers (VIDEO)
Whew! For many of us, the hustle of getting our f . . . More...
CAFE™ - Joan takes you on a tour of the Pensieve, or Conferring Notebook (VIDEO)
One thing our colleagues are most curious about is . . . More...
Courageous Conferring (VIDEO)
Revised 11/13 . . . More...
CAFE™ - Assessment Area (VIDEO)
Joan is going to take you on a tour of the assessm . . . More...
Conferring with Maria, a beginning reader: Part I (VIDEO)
In this first of a three-part video series, Joan a . . . More...
CAFE™ - Reading Writing Checksheet (DOWNLOAD)
The reading writing check sheet is a big picture o . . . More...
Reading Writing Checksheet Part I of III (PDF)
The reading writing check sheet is . . . More...
Curriculum Calendar for Class Lessons (DOWNLOAD)
During our CAFE™ classes, we s . . . More...
Conferring Sheet Sample - Part I of II (PDF)
Our conferring used to consist of in- . . . More...
Conferring Sheet with Icons - Part II of II (PDF)
This form reflects our newest form . . . More...
Reading Conferring Sheet - Part III of III (PDF)
If you prefer a conferring form witho . . . More...
Writing Conferring Sheet in the Pensieve Part II of III (PDF)
This is the writing version of our . . . More...
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