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Listen to Reading

Listen to Reading

Listen to Reading is valuable for developing fluency and vocabulary. It is a staple in many of our primary classrooms, yet it varies a bit from the other four dailys.

Obviously we do not have a whole class of children listening to reading at the same time. Some of the things we take into consideration regarding Listen to Reading are: • Who benefits the most? • What about headphones? • How about the computer?

Check out the many different strategies for supporting our students who choose to Listen to Reading.

Reviewing the I-Chart for Listen to Reading (VIDEO)
This classroom reviews the launching chart for Listen to Reading in order to revisit expectations and refine their independent behaviors. . . . More...
Managing Listen to Reading with Intermediate Students (ARTICLE)
When I taught First Grade our "Listening to Reading" station was a popular place during Daily 5. Now that I teach 4th and 5th grade, I surprisingly find the same to be true. . . . More...
How do we manage Listen to Reading when the book selection is short? - Sisters on the Spot (VIDEO)
Martha joined us for a workshop and had a burning question about how to manage Listen to Reading. Here's what she had to say. var playerhost = (("https:" == do . . . More...
Sisters on the Spot - What happens if Listen to Reading doesn't last for a whole round because the book is only five or so minutes long? (VIDEO)
Listen to Reading - The Sisters On the Spot! . . . More...
Daily 5™ - Limiting Word Work and Listen to Reading (VIDEO)
Because of the materials available, the number of students who can participate in Word Work and Listen to Reading will sometimes need to be limited. Before checking in with student choices, Carrie en . . . More...
Daily 5™ - Listen to Reading Websites (WEBSITE)
Joan was on her way to confer with a student when she froze in place, puzzled by what could be making a very distracting whirling noise. She deftly scanned the room and realized a chief rascal was mi . . . More...
Launching Read to Self - Barometer Child Part IV (VIDEO)
One of the most critical steps when implementing The 10 Steps to Independence is also one of the most difficult for teachers to do. Step 8, S . . . More...
Tasks - Creating a Sense of Urgency (PDF)
When we are committed to trying something new, it helps to have something concrete to refer to. If you are like us, you might want to download this quick reference to the Daily 5™ . . . More...
10 Steps to Teaching and Learning Independence (PDF)
This download is a staple for our Daily 5™ presentations. We think these 10 steps are what set Daily 5™ apart from any other instructional model or system. These are . . . More...
Launching Listen To Reading (PDF)
Listen to Reading is typically the last Daily to be launched. The routine and consistency with which we launch each Daily 5™ component is predictable and comfortable for the chil . . . More...
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