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Read to Someone

Read to Someone

"Reading with someone helps readers, especially developing readers, become more self-sufficient and less reliant on the teacher for assistance. Research shows that taking turns while reading increases reading involvement, attention, and collaboration." (The Daily 5™ p. 60)

Children LOVE to Read to Someone, and why not, they have a friend with them who will listen to them and discuss their reading. Of all The Daily 5™, teachers may be more apprehensive of this Daily than any of the others, not because they don't see the value in it, but can be noisy. Not to worry, we have ideas here that will contribute to engaged readers and enable you to enjoy this time as well.

Sitting Elbow, Elbow, Knee to Knee, During Partner Reading (VIDEO)
Whether it's the beginning of training or time for a tune-up, this video of Carlene Bickford's class can help your students perfect the EEKK (Elbow, Elbow, Knee, Knee) technique. . . . More...
3 Ways to Read a Book - This Book Box Has Them All (VIDEO)
Take this tour of David's book box to see books that fit all the categories for three ways to read a book. . . . More...
Choosing Books During Read to Someone (VIDEO)
Have your students ever had difficulty deciding which book to read during Read to Someone? You have probably witnessed the same thing we have...each partner brings their chosen book and the pair wastes valuable reading time negotiating (or arguing) about who's book they are going to read...sigh. . . . More...
Choosing a Partner for Partner Reading - (VIDEO)
Regular playing cards come in handy when matching partners for Read to Someone. It's a quick and impartial way to get readers together. . . . More...
FAQ: When intermediate students Read to Someone, how do they choose books? Do they need to be a good fit? A picture book?
FAQ: When intermediate students Read to Someone, how do they choose books? Do they need to be a good fit? A picture book? . . . More...
Daily 5™ - Coaching Cards, Book Marks, and Book Totes (VIDEO)
We were completely blown away by Carlene Bickford from Waterville, Maine and her book totes. Not only are they sturdy, but we discovered treasures tucked inside. Carlene has designed coaching cards, . . . More...
Reading Partners-Getting Started (Download)
If you have students participate in reading groups so they can practice their reading strategies, skills, discuss their thinking, and do all this while being highly engaged, you may want to try Readin . . . More...
Nuances to Partner Reading - Intermediate Grades
Most of our intermediate students select and are ready for extended periods of Read to Self. Read to Someone isn't required, but becomes a way to differentiate based on student need. So . . . More...
CAFE™ - Check for Understanding - Partners Reading (VIDEO)
Check for Understanding is the workhorse of comprehension strategies. It is the one we consistently use, either consciously or unconsciously throughout our lives. It is so critical to comprehension . . . More...
Daily 5™ - Three Ways to Read a Book (ARTICLE)
We find this to be a foundational lesson before we introduce Read to Self. It's necessity became very clear one year as we were asking students to read to themselves and about one-half of our first g . . . More...
First 5 Days of Preteaching Daily 5 Skills (PDF)
This Download is a visual representation of our first week launching Daily 5™. We designed it after our book was written because so many teachers asked us, "What does your litera . . . More...
Graphing Stamina (PDF)
We know from experience that making a goal visible helps us stay motivated to achieve it. Our kids aren't any different, so we use this graph to help inspire the growth of stamina in o . . . More...
Launching Read to Self - Barometer Child Part IV (VIDEO)
One of the most critical steps when implementing The 10 Steps to Independence is also one of the most difficult for teachers to do. Step 8, S . . . More...
Tasks - Creating a Sense of Urgency (PDF)
When we are committed to trying something new, it helps to have something concrete to refer to. If you are like us, you might want to download this quick reference to the Daily 5™ . . . More...
10 Steps to Teaching and Learning Independence (PDF)
This download is a staple for our Daily 5™ presentations. We think these 10 steps are what set Daily 5™ apart from any other instructional model or system. These are . . . More...
Launching Read to Someone (PDF)
Start teaching the many behaviors of Read to Someone well in advance of the day you launch it. This launching chart will help you identify the important behaviors, for example, how to sit . . . More...
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