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Read to Self

Read to Self

"Children reading to themselves is the first step in Daily 5™ and is the foundation for creating independent readers and writers. On the surface--like all of the components in Daily 5™--Read to Self seems basic and simple. However, we have found that specific teaching techniques can make Read to Self a powerful tool for enhancing all literacy skills." (The Daily 5 p.46)

Jump in and start, right here, with The Daily 5™. We are here to support you!

FAQ: In your experience, what have you found to be the best way for children to choose Good Fit Books? (PDF)
We have tried many different ways to have children choose their Good Fit Books, here are some of our favorites! . . . More...
3 Ways to Read a Book - This Book Box Has Them All (VIDEO)
Take this tour of David's book box to see books that fit all the categories for three ways to read a book. . . . More...
Launching Read to Self in Beth's Room (VIDEO)
One of the best forms of professional development is to watch our colleagues in action. We love being in Beth's room, because we always come away with new ideas. Now you can visit via video. . . . More...
More On Running Book Lists of Books We've Read (ARTICLE)
Mary Buchholz from Wisconsin wrote in last week in response to the article about keeping track of classroom read aloud books. She weighed in on another great idea and is sharing it this week. Thanks Mary! . . . More...
Daily 5 - Sticking with Good Fit Books by Alisha Darby (ARTICLE)
Teachers have often said, "I have taught the good fit books lesson, but my students still do not know how to choose good fit books." Teaching our students to choose good fit books is an ongoing proce . . . More...
Daily 5™ - Emergent Readers Choosing Good Fit Books
I've noticed lately that my Kindergartners have not been selecting the emergent reading books that are sprinkled in with the picture books. Last week I went through some of my book tubs and took out . . . More...
Daily 5™ - Coaching Cards, Book Marks, and Book Totes (VIDEO)
We were completely blown away by Carlene Bickford from Waterville, Maine and her book totes. Not only are they sturdy, but we discovered treasures tucked inside. Carlene has designed coaching cards, . . . More...
Movements and a Song for I Pick (WEBSITE)
This is a hoot and a holler and educational. Jennifer Saccoccio emailed us the link to her website where she downloaded a video of her class chanting an I PICK ditty. It looks like so much fun that . . . More...
Good-Fit Books (SLIDE SHOW)
Revised 10/13 . . . More...
Picking Good Fit Books (PDF)
Below you will find an article explaining how we introduce choosing Good Fit Books with our students as well as a pdf of the I PICK form for you to use in your classrooms. . . . More...
Daily 5™ - What's In the Book Box? (VIDEO)
Are you wondering what goes into our student book boxes? Joan is going to let you take a peek and explains the purpose behind each student having a book box of their own. . . . More...
Daily 5™ - Quick Start Guide #2 Read To Self Part II (DOWNLOAD)
This is the second in the series of Quick Start Guides for Daily 5™. We have posted all the videos and downloads for this on one page for ease of use. Featuring: Video de . . . More...
Daily 5™ - Three Ways to Read a Book (ARTICLE)
We find this to be a foundational lesson before we introduce Read to Self. It's necessity became very clear one year as we were asking students to read to themselves and about one-half of our first g . . . More...
First 5 Days of Preteaching Daily 5 Skills (PDF)
This Download is a visual representation of our first week launching Daily 5™. We designed it after our book was written because so many teachers asked us, "What does your litera . . . More...
Graphing Stamina (PDF)
We know from experience that making a goal visible helps us stay motivated to achieve it. Our kids aren't any different, so we use this graph to help inspire the growth of stamina in o . . . More...
Daily 5™ - Launching Read to Self - Part III of III (VIDEO)
This video of Christie's 4th grade class shows the process of taking the two dimensional "I" Chart for Read to Self and making it three dimensional. Students take their ideas and immediately apply the . . . More...
Daily 5™ - Launching Read To Self - Stamina Part II of III (VIDEO)
Stamina may be a new word for your students. If so, listen in while Joan works with Christie and her students. She tells a story about stamina that we use with all grade levels. We relate stamina . . . More...
Launching Read To Self - "I" Chart, Part I of III (VIDEO)
Asking the class to think about and articulate what goes on the "I" Chart for Read to Self is one of the vital steps for launching or fine tuning this critical Daily 5™ component. When students . . . More...
Launching Read to Self - Barometer Child Part IV (VIDEO)
One of the most critical steps when implementing The 10 Steps to Independence is also one of the most difficult for teachers to do. Step 8, S . . . More...
Daily 5™ - Adding Choice and Checking In (VIDEO)
After Read to Self and Work on Writing have both been launched, we often feel a bit like we are standing on top of a mountain, admiring a view of great beauty. Students are actually reading and writi . . . More...
Check In with Goal and Strategy (VIDEO)
When we first ask students to "Check In", they do it by telling us which Daily 5™ they will work on during that round of the Dailys. Eventually we teach them how to "Check In", by naming their . . . More...
I Pick A Good Fit Book (PDF)
What were you looking for the last time you went to a book store? How long did you stay? If you purchased a book, was it a challenging book or a "Good Fit" book? What factors went in . . . More...
Tasks - Creating a Sense of Urgency (PDF)
When we are committed to trying something new, it helps to have something concrete to refer to. If you are like us, you might want to download this quick reference to the Daily 5™ . . . More...
10 Steps to Teaching and Learning Independence (PDF)
This download is a staple for our Daily 5™ presentations. We think these 10 steps are what set Daily 5™ apart from any other instructional model or system. These are . . . More...
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