The Daily CAFE is a Professional Development website designed for teachers and literacy coaches using The Daily 5 and The Literacy CAFE Assessment System. It is loaded with professional video and downloads, all created for teachers like you!
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Introducing Math Daily 5 - An Overview (Video)

It's the question we're asked more than any other in your emails and when we present:

What about Math Daily 5?

You asked for it, and we're ready with some answers. Over the next four months we will present sample videos, lessons, and templates to help you understand how the Daily 5 in Math works. In this week's video, Joan briefly presents the five math categories:

And here is what students in the primary grades look like as they are busy during independent work time in Math Daily 5:

In the coming weeks we'll present games, strategies, and activities for each of the Math Daily 5 categories, as well as launching lessons and troubleshooting tips. Stay tuned!

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