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Daily 5™ - Listen to Reading Websites (DOWNLOAD)

Joan was on her way to confer with a student when she froze in place, puzzled by what could be making a very distracting whirling noise. She deftly scanned the room and realized a chief rascal was missing in action. She raced to the source of the noise, the little bathroom adjacent to her room, and there sitting on the floor was Mariano, with what used to be a basket full of audio tapes on his lap. She entered in time to see him pull the last thin strip of black film from a cassette, momentarily satisfied by the whirring sound it produced. Joan mourned the loss of the beloved stories, and soon began looking for more indestructible alternatives.

The Internet proved to be a great resource! We constantly keep our ears open for great websites that read to our little charges. Many authors can be heard reading their titles on their websites, as well. Our current favorites are listed below.

Author Websites

Subscription Website

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