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Tip of the Week - July 6, 2012

<center>A Few of Our Choices for Summer Reading and Watching</center>
A Few of Our Choices for Summer Reading and Watching

Summer Reading - Books, Beaches, and Beliefs

The opportunity for summer reading is in full swing and the ads and targeted marketing tools for new professional books, beach reads, journals, etc. abound. As I was flipping through a brochure I received in the mail featuring some new professional books, I was amazed at the plethora of choices available. Yes, it is a great time to delve into new reading, yet how do we as educators filter the information we take in to ensure the most positive impact in our classrooms?

I finally realized it comes back to our personal belief system. If we don't have a strong belief system of our own in place, it makes it difficult to know how to discern what is of value in every new thing that comes along or what is to be disregarded. As we learn more each year of our profession, our belief system morphs and changes, becoming stronger based on our own experiences and research.

So we find that summer is a wonderful opportunity to take time to reflect, reconnect with and refine our beliefs. As we read professional books, blogs, articles and journals, we can utilize the new knowledge to adjust, buoy and solidify our belief systems. For as professionals we know that continuing the process of learning new things to help us become better at our craft is the greatest gift we can give our students.

2012-2013 Pensieve Calendars

Lori used Printshop™ to make her Pensieve Calendars for the coming school year. She has shared them with you if you like them, here's one thing you can check off your "To Do" list.

FAQ: I love summer as I have time to catch up on my reading. Any good professional, personal and children's book ideas to add to my list?

Recommendations are our favorite way to learn about books we should read. Here is a link to some of our favorite professional books: Professional Reads. We want to know what you are reading too, so peek at the...

Book Look: Precious and the Boo Hag by Patricia C. McKissack

When Mama and brother go out to work in the field, they have to leave Precious home alone due to her stomachache. She is left with a stern warning to not let anyone or anything in the house (because it might be Pruella the BooHag). Precious heeds the warning throughout this deliciously suspenseful book.

What's Your Word Worth? (WEBSITE)

This fun Word Work game comes from Stephanie's 3rd Grade Thoughts blog. It seamlessly combines word work with math.

What's Your Word Worth?

Paint Chip Word Family Game (WEBSITE)

Two kinds of paint chips are utilized to make this great word work game. We found it on The Snail's Trail:

Handmade Word Family Game

Daily 5 Delight

Katie Johnson writes:

While participating in a year-long program before college graduation, I had the pleasure of working with an AMAZING mentor in a classroom that utilizes Daily 5/CAFE. I got to see first hand how six-year olds can build reading stamina, check for understanding, and integrate new vocabulary into their everyday language. I was impressed every day by their focus, urgency and pride. I got to watch them grow into readers while I grew into a real teacher, ready to implement Daily 5/CAFE into my own classroom someday! I really can't say enough about my amazing experience and much of it is because of the Daily 5/CAFE framework. Thank you!

Running on Empty? - 4 Tips to Recharge and Replenish (ARTICLE)

There are endless ways to rejuvenate your system, and you know what works best for you. If you need some suggestions, Carol offers 4 tips for recharging and rejuvenating your system. This article comes at a good time for us as we are reposting this article from last week because the link to the article didn't work. Reason? Human error. Time to Recharge and Replenish!

Assessing Students Begins the First Weeks of School (ARTICLE)

In this refreshed article we share our first days' plans to assess our students by the end of the second week of school. As we launch each new Daily 5 choice, we wait a day or two for the class to build stamina with that Daily before continuing with our assessments.

2012 Workshops

We will be in Atlanta in August and there are still spots available. Can you join us? We hear the Atlanta Aquarium is a must see. We can't wait!

New This Week For Members

Interested in becoming a member of The Daily CAFE™? Click here for more information.

4 Visual Aides to Support Learning (VIDEO)

Tessa shares 4 tools she makes to support the literacy learning of her students. These simple tools provide a visual aide which will help transfer learning from short term to long term memory.

Transition Menu Ready Reference Guide - Check for Understanding (DOWNLOAD)

This Comprehension Strategy - Check for Understanding - helps readers uncover the meaning in text. Frequent stops are used to reflect on what has just been read or seen in pictures. Answering the questions "who" and "what" help focus students' thinking.

Spanish Ready Reference Guide - Inferir y Corrobar con Evidencia (DOWNLOAD)

Here is the Ready Reference Guide translated into Spanish for the Comprehension Strategy of Infer and Support with Evidence.

Setting Reasonable Goals with Connor (VIDEO)

Here is a conference between a teacher and a fourth grader, in this updated video, demonstrating how we use our Pensieve calendar to hold our students well as ourselves.

Until Next Week!

Gail and Joan
The 2 Sisters

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