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2012 Workshops

Featured Spotlights

The Literacy CAFE™ Menu (DOWNLOAD)
CAFE™ is an acronym for Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency and Expanding Vocabulary, four research-based components critical to reading. We developed it as a guide and system to focus our instruction, help students set reading and behavior goals, monitor their progress--and do it all without losing our sanity!

Teacher Reflection about CAFE™ (VIDEO)
Following is a debrief interview with Kelly, a first grade and featured teacher on The Daily CAFE™. In this video, Kelly shares how she uses The Literacy CAFE™ Menu with her first graders.

Parent Pipeline: Skip the word, Then come back
This parent resource will help families who want to support their child as they learn the Accuracy strategy of "skip the word, then come back" from the CAFE Menu.

Book Look: Little Mouse's Big Secret by Eric Battut
Have you ever wanted an idea for a book that would go with the CAFE strategies? Book looks are just that! Check out this book suggestion and a lesson or two to get you started.

Daily 5™

10 Steps to Teaching and Learning Independence (DOWNLOAD)
This download is a staple for our Daily 5™ presentations. We think these 10 steps are what set Daily 5™ apart from any other instructional model or system. These are the steps we use to teach students how to be independent at just about anything. In addition to Daily 5™ tasks, we've used them in math, science, even with learning to walk down the hall. Simply follow the steps for whatever you'd like students to do independently.

Launching Read to Self (DOWNLOAD)
Do you ever wish you had the Cliff Notes to a book you have read? Our teachers are using a new program that is laden with narrative descriptions of what the program looks like in a classroom, outlining teacher dialog and student responses in extensive detail. The reader truly feels like they are in the classroom experiencing the lesson right with the students.

Troubleshooting (DOWNLOAD AND VIDEO)
The number one question teachers have when they start using the Daily 5™ is what to do about students who struggle with independent work. You know the students we're talking about - they don't seem to have the ability to stick with their Daily 5™ choice or build stamina.

Classroom Design

Seven Steps to Designing Physical Space (DOWNLOAD)
Once the reflecting process and planning for your classroom environment is complete (or you are just tired of thinking about it and want your room changed RIGHT NOW) - these 7 steps may be just what you need to get started. When reconfiguring a classroom or moving into a new one, it can be tricky to see the space through new eyes.

Creative Ideas

Only five of my 23 students ordered yearbooks this year. When the treasured books are handed out and the mad autograph signing starts, the "have not's" will undoubtedly feel left out. I always make a little autograph book for those kids so they can participate and collect signatures from their friends as well.

Workshop Descriptions
About The Workshops
Registration Information

Location Workshop Title
Phoenix, AZ
March 17-18, 2012
March 17, Daily 5
March 18, CAFE
San Antonio, TX
April 15-17, 2012
April 15, Daily 5 Kindergarten
April 16, Daily 5
April 16, Teacher Talk
April 17, CAFE
Tacoma, WA
June 19-22, 2012
June 19, Daily 5
June 20, CAFE
June 21, Daily 5
June 22, CAFE
Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti, MI
July 24-25, 2012
July 24, Daily 5
July 25, CAFE
Oakbrook/Chicago, IL
October 21-24, 2012
October 21, Daily 5
October 22, CAFE
October 23, Daily 5
October 24, CAFE
Las Vegas, NV
November 13-14, 2012
November 13, Daily 5
November 14, CAFE

Workshop Descriptions

Daily 5: Fostering Literacy Independence and Increasing Academic Accountability

Gail and Joan present their most current thinking regarding The Daily 5, an elegantly simple structure designed to motivate and support students to be highly engaged in independent acts of reading and writing. Astounding growth and high achievement are absolutely possible when assessment leads to focused, intentional, and differentiated instruction. The Daily 5 structure makes it completely possible.

The day will include:

  • Immersion into research that supports Daily 5
  • Tips for adjusting the structure for primary, intermediate, middle and high school students
  • Suggestions for supporting barometer children
  • Launching information for each of the Daily 5
  • Discussing how and when to layer on the next Daily 5
  • Introducing the foundation lessons for each of the Daily 5
  • Learning when, why and how we add Choice
  • Video demonstrations depicting the principles of Daily 5
  • Explanation of how CAFE fits into Daily 5
Participants will gain knowledge about the Daily 5, as well as practical tools they can immediately implement in their own classrooms.

Daily 5 Kindergarten: April 15, 2012, San Antonio, Texas

As many of you know, the land of kindergarten is a special one! The meaty content of this workshop is nearly identical to that of The Daily 5 workshop (described above), however the anecdotes and examples are drawn from the Sisters' work in kindergarten classrooms. Gail and Joan will also address the special scheduling problems presented by half and full day kindergarten programs. Though the focus is primarily kindergarten, primary teachers are welcome to attend.

CAFE: Utilizing Assessments to Inform Instruction for Greater Student Achievement

Joan and Gail share their practical approach for analyzing student data, organizing results and managing instructional plans. The approach allows for focused instruction based on each student's greatest areas of need through their CAFE Menu, making optimal growth and high academic achievement possible for all. The Sisters will share their system as well as their various CAFE menus, lessons and much more!

The day will include:

  • Presentation of the CAFE Menu as a visual aid to support student learning
  • Acquainting participants with the background and research of the CAFE goals and strategies
  • Introduction to the new strategies on the CAFE and Emergent Menus
  • Demonstrating how to assess a student while utilizing the CAFE Menu to determine next instructional steps
  • Discussion of how to develop strategy groups and determine their focus
  • Revealing the structure for teaching students in small groups and one-on-one
  • Suggestions for recording progress in small groups and one-on-one conferences
  • Articulating when, why and how we monitor student progress and teaching
  • Discussing whole school applications for using The CAFE System
  • Video demonstrations depicting one-on-one and small group CAFE principles
  • Explanation of how CAFE fits with Daily 5
Participants will gain knowledge about the CAFE system, as well as practical tools that can be immediately implemented in their own classrooms, schools and districts.

Teacher Talk: April 16, 2012, San Antonio, Texas
Presented By Trish Prentice, Kindergarten Teacher, Austin, Texas

Let's celebrate the wonderful world of "early childhood!" This workshop is about the details. We'll take the knowledge we've learned from Gail and Joan and apply it to our specific classrooms. We'll talk Daily 5 in the morning and CAFE in the afternoon. Come and see examples of classroom I-Charts, book boxes, shelving, a transitional menu CAFE board, mini-lesson, brain breaks and much more. Learn practical tips for working with our youngest learners from a Kindergarten teacher who lives it every day. Be ready to ask questions and discuss. We're all in this together!

This "Teacher Talk" workshop, is available to participants who register for "The 2 Sisters" Kindergarten Daily 5 and CAFE workshops. In addition, if you have joined "The Sisters" in previous years for workshops, this session is open for you too. It will be a great next step or part two. Share your success stories and bring your "hot spots" to problem solve with others.

About the Workshops

Schedule for Each Day

8:00-8:30 a.m.Registration - Coffee, tea, and muffins provided
8:30-11:30 a.m.Workshop
11:30-12:45 p.m.Lunch break on your own -- pack a lunch, or enjoy one of the hotel's restaurants or one of the dozens of cafes, delis, and restaurants nearby.
12:45-3:00 p.m.Workshop

Who Might Benefit
Classroom Teachers
Special Education Teachers
English Language Learners Teachers
Literacy Coaches
Reading Specialists
District Leaders
School Superintendents

Registration Information

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Since workshops fill quickly, payment is required in order to reserve your spot. Payment by credit card is the best way to confirm your attendance today.

Participants paying with Purchase Order or Check will be issued a registration code authorizing them to sign up and complete registration, only if space is available, upon receipt of payment.

How to Register

There are two ways to register depending on your method of payment. If paying by credit card, click below to register online through TicketLeap. If registering by check or purchase order, download, fill out and send in our Offline Registration form below.

Method of Payment:
Credit Card

per person

You will be directed to our secure Ticket Leap site where you can pay and be confirmed for attendance immediately.
Purchase Order or Check

per person

Print and fill out the Offline Registration Form. Attach a Purchase Order or Check prior to sending it to the directed address.
Important: Once payment is received, you will be sent a registration code. Upon receipt of that registration code, you will be able to register all participants and receive conference confirmation. Please note that workshop registration is not guaranteed or issued until payment is received and you sign up for the workshop with the registration code.

The Purchase Order process can be slow in many districts. You will want to follow up with your business office to make sure the Offline Registration Form and payment is forwarded to us promptly. We always feel terrible when teachers are excluded from attendance because the business office delays payment until after the workshop is full.

The fee includes the following:

  • Full day of research based content presented by Joan and Gail
  • An exclusive, full color, Daily 5 or CAFE Resource/Handout Book
  • Sister's DVD, an $89.00 value
  • Certificate of attendance
  • Gifts and tools to support Daily 5 or CAFE
  • Continental breakfast
  • Afternoon dessert
  • Laughter and funny stories (Oh, these are free)

Registration Restrictions: Because of limited capacity and our desire to serve as many schools as possible, enrollment is limited to no more than 12 registrants per district.

Registration Confirmation: Once you are registered, our system will send you a confirmation email. Registrants can also go to login using your email address to confirm that you are registered.

Cancellation and Substitution Policy: We understand that unexpected situations sometimes occur, so substitutions are always welcome. Ask your replacement to find your name tag at the registration table on the day of the event, hand the name tag to us and we will have all the supplies for them to fill out their own name tag.

Refunds are not issued within 30 days of the event, but if cancellation occurs prior to that, a full refund will be issued. Registrants who do not cancel prior to the cut off and are unable to provide a substitution may request to have the workshop materials and DVD mailed to them.

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