Tip of the Week - November 25, 2011

Blessings to You

This repost by Trish Prentice is worth repeating.

It takes a multitude of people to make a school run smoothly. At this time of year, let us be grateful for all the many extraordinary people who dedicate their lives to helping children.

Blessings to the people who inspire us and provide us with support in more ways than we can name.

…to that special teacher we had as a child who motivated us to be like them. We hope you are proud.

…to administrators who have vision and provide encouragement and support. Your shoulders have to be big to carry all the responsibility that comes your way. Do we thank you enough?

…to the teacher next door who shares our everyday moments, both good and bad. Teaching would not be as much fun without you.

…to our Daily 5 partners who spend countless hours discussing and reflecting. Time spent collaborating, problem solving and sharing successes is pure gold.

…to the experts…the literacy leaders, behavior specialists, nurses, speech, physical, and occupational therapists who share their best, one child at a time.

…to our support staff, the office and cafeteria staff, all the aides and bus drivers who fill in all the holes. We appreciate all the consistency and care.

…to custodians who clean up unmentionables every day. Just think of all the extra jobs we would have to do if they weren't willing and able.

…to substitutes who pitch in when we need a moment to breathe. We know how hard it must be to fill in, but you come back, time after time.

…to parents who trace, cut, paste and do the best they can. We know you trust us with your most prized treasures.

…to all of our students, who give us their trust to show them the way. Thanks for trying, even when it's hard.

…to our own children, who have to share us with so many others. We promise, you will always be our favorites.

…to spouses, who help move furniture, fix computers, pick up carry-out for dinner and ignore all the piles at home. You listen patiently as we talk about the highs and lows of the day. We would not be able to give so much without your constant support. all of you who pour your lives, hearts, and minds into children every day. Have a blessed Thanksgiving.


Q: Since today is Black Friday, can I add a subscription to TheDailyCAFE website to my holiday wish list?

A: Absolutely, just copy and paste the following link into your wish list and send it to those special people who are looking for just the right gift for you.

Book Trailers for Readers (WEBSITE)

This amazing student/teacher wiki was started by Michelle Harclerode. It features dozens of book previews and book reviews produced by students for students. A valuable resource for helping kids find their next book, or a great alternative to traditional book reports.

Learning Disabled Resources in English and Spanish (WEBSITE)

The National Center for Learning Disabilities is very determined to help all students succeed in school, work and life. Their extensive resources are available in Spanish as well as English.


Kim Bird writes:

Before implementing the Daily Five, I struggled with getting my fourth grade students to pick up a book and read independently. It was a battle! After I introduced elements of the Daily Five, they would ask each day, "Are we going to do Read to Self?" "Yes," I answered. "Why couldn't we do that before?!" The Daily Five provided the rationale and the structure for them to be successful and enjoy books again.

Oil Pan Magnetic Board

This is featured on Nic and Kate's blog. They made it for their kids since their refrigerator wasn't magnetic. It might be a fun way to add a magnetic word work space to your classroom.

Design - A Table Everyone Wants to Work At (PHOTOS)

These design photos, from our archives, show students working productively at low tables that provide another kind of seating choice.

New This Week For Members

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Math Brain Break (ARTICLE)

Brain Breaks are important! Here is one of our favorites!

Sisters on the Spot: Increasing Accountability with a Diverse Group of Students (VIDEO)

Gail and Joan offer tips to help raise the accountability for students who are new to our classes, or perhaps even new to our country.

Spanish Parent Pipeline (DOWNLOAD)

This parent resource will help our Spanish speaking families who want to support their child as they learn to cross check.

Launching Read to Someone in a Special Education Classroom (VIDEO)

These third, fourth and fifth graders are excited about the launch of Read to Someone and the opportunity to read to each other.

Book Look: Little Mouse's Big Secret by Eric Battut

Little Mouse finds...but does not want to share, an apple. He decides to bury it, safely keeping the secret from many friends. What happens behind him while he stands guard will amuse your students.

Adjusting Reading Rate: Small Group Work (VIDEO)

In this updated video, Christie emphasizes the importance of adjusting reading rate to her fourth graders.

Hoping your Thanksgiving weekend is filled with love and laughter!

Gail and Joan

The 2 Sisters

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